2021 EPA export quota permit applications deadline

Export quota permit applications for 2021 under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) are currently open. The submission deadline for applications is 27 November 2020. Tariff Rate Quotas (TRQ) under the EPA provides exporters of specific agricultural products with preferential market access into the European Union (EU). Permits issued to applicants are valid from 01 January 2021 until 31 December 2021.

The quota volume allocated to each exporter is based on:

  • The BEE status of the applicant
  • Market share of the applicant based on previous import data
  • Size of the quota applied for
  • Available quota
  • The number of applicants

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) will assess the utilization rate during the quota year (2021) and further re-allocations between exporters may be done. Applicants will be expected to provide customer proof of orders in order to avoid deduction of their allocated quota volume. No new applications will be accepted during the re-allocation period.

Importers of agricultural products also benefit from TRQs of specific agricultural products imported from the EU. You can find out more here. Important to note is that once the United Kingdom Brexit transition period ends on 31 December 2020, trade with the UK will fall under The Southern African Customs Union plus Mozambique (SACUM) – UK EPA. The agreement will provide new TRQs for importers of agricultural products.

Furthermore, importers of agricultural products can take advantage of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Minimum Market Access (MMA) quotas. These allow importers of specific agricultural products covered under the regime to benefit from zero or low preferential import duty rates. The MMA system is an outcome of the WTO negotiations and not the EPA. You can find out about MMA applications here.

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