Duty increase investigation on High Chrome Grinding Media Balls

The International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) has initiated a duty increase investigation on high chrome grinding media balls classified under tariff subheading 7325.91. The product is currently being imported free of duty, however, this may change to 15% ad valorem, if successful.

The investigation was initiated following an application by Grinding Media South Africa (GMSA), a manufacturer of the subject product.

The applicant alleged that:

Lower priced imports of high chrome grinding media balls have increased and are negatively impacting the industry by causing low output, capacity utilisation, profit margins and are threatening the viability of local manufacturing.

The local industry is facing challenges competing with imports due to cost push pressures. Moreover, the prices of scrap, ferrochrome and electricity are impacting the industry negatively

The applicant further stated that the current trend if not reversed may cause significant  job losses in the industry.

Interested parties have 4 weeks (from 21 February 2020) to submit comments.

If you need assistance in responding to this matter, contact us on infor@ts.chitoro.co.za.