5 Tips for a Successful NRCS LOA Application

Nothing is more frustrating than applying for an NRCS LOA and then receiving an e-mail with a long list of queries weeks later. Preparing an LOA application requires following simple rules. Here are 5 tips to help you through the process, giving you the best chance to apply for an LOA successfully.

Have the correct product test reports

If you are applying for an LOA on electronic related products, NRCS requires an IEC test report. If you have an EN test report, the application will not get far. Its also important to note that, test reports more than 36 months old are not accepted for new LOA applications. However, if its a renewal application the test report can be up to 60 months old. Find out more about this by clicking here.

Ensure levies are up to date

All products subject to an LOA pay a certain amount of levy to the NRCS based on the quantities imported. Levy returns are submitted twice annually. Make sure you submit nil levy returns if you did not import any of the products that require an LOA. If levy returns are not up to date it means you are not going to get the LOA even if nothing is wrong with the application.

Provide all required information

You will have considerable information to submit when applying for an LOA. Make sure you have filled out all the forms before submitting the application. Incomplete applications only mean you will have to redo it later.

Attend to queries raised

After you have submitted an application the NRCS can raise any queries on the application and they provide you with 30 days to resolve the queries. Try to respond well in advance of the provided deadline. Missing the deadline can result in the application being closed.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

No one says you have to go at this alone. At Trade Solutions, our consultants make it their job to have the LOA process go as smoothly as possible. We can help you get everything done right to avoid the disruption of your planned imports.

For more information on LOA’s contact us at infor@tradesolutions.co.za