Anti-dumping duty circumvention investigation on clear float glass completed

The anti-dumping duty circumvention investigation on clear float glass resulted in a 27.26% anti-dumping duty on Guardian Egypt – Egyptian Glass Company SAE. ITAC initiated the investigation on 23 August 2019 while the original anti-dumping investigation on clear float glass imported from Saudia Arabia and UAE was still ongoing.

The investigations initiated following an application by PFG Building Glass. You can find out about the original anti-dumping investigation by clicking here.

The applicant alleged that since the imposition of the provisional anti-dumping duties at the time (which are now final duties), one of the importers in the original investigation shifted sourcing of the products from Saudi Guardian International Float Glass Co Ltd in Saudi Arabia and Guardian Zoujaj International Float Glass Co. LLC in the UAE to its related entity in Egypt (Guardian Egypt – Egyptian Glass Company SAE). This is known as country hopping.

The purpose of a country-hopping anti-circumvention investigation is to determine if circumvention of the original anti-dumping duty is taking place by moving sourcing to a related company in another country. The investigation also determines if such circumvention is undermining the anti-dumping duty.

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