Anti-dumping sunset review investigation on garlic initiated

An anti-dumping sunset review investigation on fresh or chilled garlic imported from China initiated on 23 October 2020. Importers and Chinese exporters have until 22 November to make submissions to ITAC.

The South African Garlic Growers Association is the applicant. The association alleges that the expiry of the current anti-dumping duty of R19.25 will impact negatively on domestic producers. The subject products are classified under tariff subheadings 0703.20 and 0712.90.90.

Anti-dumping duties are imposed for 5 years and a sunset review investigation is initiated to determine if the anti-dumping duties are still necessary. The advantage of participating in sunset reviews is that each exporter cooperating in the sunset review will have its own anti-dumping duty calculated.

This means anti-dumping duties will be different between cooperating exporters. Some exporters may end up with no anti-dumping duty, lower anti-dumping duty, or higher anti-dumping duty. Cooperating exporters who are not dumping will not face any anti-dumping duty.

All non-cooperating exporters face the countrywide anti-dumping duty (or residual duty). Most importantly, an exporter who is not dumping but does not cooperate with the sunset review unnecessarily end up with a residual anti-dumping duty.

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