How to apply for an NRCS LOA

There’s nothing worse than applying for an NRCS Letter of Authority (LOA) and then getting a long list of queries weeks later. If the queries are not correctly resolved, the application is rejected. This can be avoided though. There are some simple steps to follow when preparing an LOA. Below are are few tips to help you successfully apply for an LOA.

Obtain the correct product test reports

NRCS requires an IEC test report when applying for an LOA on electronic related goods. If you have an EN test report, your application won’t get far. Find out more about test reports by clicking here. Importantly, test reports older than 36 months will not be accepted for new LOA applications. Nonetheless, if it’s a renewal, the test report can be up to 60 months old. 

Make sure levies are up-to-date

Every time you import something that is subject to an LOA, you have to pay a levy to the NRCS. Levy returns have to be submitted twice a year. Submit nil levy returns if you didn’t import any of the products that required an LOA. You won’t get the LOA if your levy returns aren’t up to date, even if your application is fine.

All required information should be provided

When you apply for an LOA, you’ll have considerable information to submit. Be sure to fill out all the forms. An incomplete application just means re-doing it later.

Respond to any questions

NRCS can ask you questions about your application after you submit it, and they give you 30 days to respond. Try to respond well before the deadline. If you miss the deadline, your application will be closed.

Let the experts handle it

You don’t have to do this alone. It’s our job at Trade Solutions to make the LOA process goes smoothly. We can help you get everything done right so your imports won’t be affected. Get more information on LOAs by emailing