Customs duty increase investigations: Is your business impacted?

In case you missed it, interested party submissions on duty increase investigations for the products below are due on or before 5 June 2020.  It is possible to get an extension, however, it has to be applied for.

Tubes, pipes, and hollow profiles, seamless of iron (excluding cast iron) or steel, classified under tariff subheadings 7304.19.90, 7304.23.90, 7304.23.90 and 7304.39.35. The applicant, Hall Longmore is requesting an increase from 10% to 15% ad valorem. A duty increase investigation on the same products initiated last year and ITAC declined the increase.

Cylindrical primary cells and primary batteries (excluding those of the height not exceeding 7mm), of a diameter exceeding 19mm. Impacted tariff subheadings are 8506.10.25 and 8506.80. The applicant, Eveready, requested an increase from 10% to 20% ad valorem.

Foot-operated grease gun. The subject product is classified under tariff subheading 8479.89.90 and is currently duty-free. The applicant, Gurtech,  is requesting a 10% ad valorem duty.

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