Sugar import duty increased


Import duties on sugar have increased today, 24 March 2020. The latest duty increase comes three months after the duties had decreased in March 2020.

The International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) uses a dollar-based reference price (DBRP) formula to determine the import duties on sugar, wheat, and maize (currently duty-free). This variable system essentially sets a floor price on imported sugar by increasing the duty when the world price is low and reducing the duty when the world price is high.

Tariff code Description New duty Previous duty
1701.12 Beet sugar 527,75c/kg 418,61c/kg
1701.13 Cane sugar specified in Subheading Note 2 to this Chapter 527,75c/kg 418,61c/kg
1701.14 Other cane sugar 527,75c/kg 418,61c/kg
1701.91 Containing added flavouring or colouring matter 527,75c/kg 418,61c/kg
1701.99 Other 527,75c/kg 418,61c/kg
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