Sunset review investigation on portland cement imported from Pakistan

On 11 December 2020, the International Trade Administration Commission initiated a sunset review investigation on portland cement imported from Pakistan.

Anti-dumping duties are imposed for 5 years and a sunset review investigation is initiated to determine if the anti-dumping duties are still necessary. Each exporter cooperating in the sunset review will have its own anti-dumping duty calculated.

The investigation initiated following an application by the Concrete Institute NPC on behalf of Afrisam (South Africa), Lafarge Industries South Africa, Intercement South Africa, PPC Limited, and Dangote Cement South Africa.

Domestic producers allege that the local market will be negatively impacted by increasing imports, decline in sales, price undercutting and suppression, decline in profit, output, productivity, market share, capacity utilisation, inventories, and poor growth if the current anti-dumping duties expire.

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