The poultry tariff structure under review

The International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) has initiated an investigation to review the tariff structure on poultry.

The investigation has initiated following a directive from the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Competition.

The South African tariff book contains tariff codes at 6 digits and 8 digits levels. The 6 digits tariff codes are the same for all countries around the world. However, tariff codes at 8 digits level differ between countries depending on the needs of the local industry.

Tariff codes can be split into specific 8 digits tariff codes that describe products in more granular detail. These changes are typically made to SARS by industry players.

The review has initiated the following various developments and considerations. Notably, these include:

  • Considerations to introduce specific rather than ad valorem customs duties. South Africa commonly applies ad valorem tariffs. These are levied as a certain percentage of the value of the imported product. A specific tariff assigns a fixed monetary duty per physical unit of the good imported.
  • The need to simplify the current tariff structure by reducing the number of tariff lines.
  • Considerations around specific anti-dumping measures where appropriate and how they impact the level of the ad valorem tariffs.
  • Contemplation to introduce an appropriate system of rebates whereby tariff levels on certain imports can be reduced where parties are achieving exports.
  • The possibility of introducing other measures, such as an entry price system.

Interested parties have 4 weeks from 16 March to make submissions. The Commission will consider extension requests submitted in terms of Section 20.5 of the Amended Tariff Investigation Regulations.

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