The United Sates imposes anti-dumping duties on aluminium sheet from 18 countries

The U.S. Commerce Department issued final anti-dumping duties on common alloy aluminium sheets from 18 countries covered in the investigation.

Common alloy aluminium sheet is a flat-rolled product used in building facades and truck trailer bodies to street signs.

South Africa was covered in the investigation that initiated in April 2020. The US federal register indicates that Hulamin Operations (Pty) Ltd is the only South African exporter whose information was individually examined in this investigation. Hulamin is a prominent local producer of aluminium.

An 8.98% anti-dumping duty was calculated for Hulamin. The U.S. Commerce Department also decided to levy the same anti-dumping duty rate on any other exporters from South Africa.

While the duty imposed on South Africa is moderate, Germany had the highest anti-dumping rates, ranging from 49.4% to 242.8%. Germany had the largest exports of aluminium sheet to the United States in 2019.

Bahrain was the second-highest exporter with $241.2 million worth of aluminium sheet exported to the United States.

A 4.83% anti-dumping duty was imposed and an anti-subsidy or countervailing duty rate of up to 6.44% was imposed.

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