Tips for NRCS levy returns

New importers often do not know that NRCS levies need to be paid on regulated products. The regulated products require an LOA prior to import. The amount of levy paid depends on the product and volume imported.

Levy declarations and payments are done twice each year for two periods:

  • 1 January – 30 June each year. The submission due date for this period is 31 July annually.
  • 1 July – 31 December each year and the submission due date is 31 January annually.

Submit levy declarations even if nothing was imported. If something was imported it is important to file correct declarations given that the amounts of levies that may be payable differ between products. Products have to be correctly classified into the relevant category to determine the correct levy.

Under-declaration of levies is not a good idea because NRCS has the right to request any information it deems necessary for a period of five years. A Levy Auditor will be appointed to investigate.

Failure to submit levy returns will eventually become a problem when renewing LOA’s or applying for new ones. The LOA’s will not be issued if returns are not up to date. Want tips on how to successfully apply for an LOA? Click here.