ICASA Type Approvals

ICASA Type approval application is a time-consuming process if not done properly. With rapid developments in new technologies, bringing new devices and equipment to market timely is essential.

Type Approval means certifying that a device or equipment meets prescribed requirements for import and use in South Africa. Any Equipment used to provide electronic communications needs to obtain a Type Approval Certificate.

Only a South African registered company submits an application for Type Approval. This can be manufacturers, importers, distributors, or any other. Foreign companies need a local agent.

Product test reports have to comply with relevant standards and regulatory requirements for approval to an application to be successful. This includes testing performance in line with relevant technical standards, testing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and testing for safety.

Only valid test reports from an ILAC accredited laboratory are accepted. Local accredited testing companies are available.

Type Approval remains valid indefinitely if no modification happens to the approved equipment.

Above all, this will apply if technical standards do not change to the extent of invalidating the Type Approval.

We assist you to:

Prepare your Type Approval application and manage the whole process.

Resolve any queries raised by ICASA.

Get your product tested by accredited local companies for the purposes of obtaining the required test reports.